| | January 20152CIOReviewContact us, composites@plataine.comOptimized Nesting and Cut PlanningOptimized Utilization of Raw Material in StockProduction SchedulingRFID Based Shop-Floor Tracking & VisibilityPlataine's Total Production Optimization (TPO) Suite Includes:· TPO FabricOptimizer· TPO Material and Asset Tracker (MAT)· TPO Metal & Honeycomb OptimizerMore ProductFrom Less MaterialIn Less TimeMORE PROFITequalsLEAN MANUFACTURING DEFINEDDon't settle for just Material Savings when you can also Optimize Production"TPO ha s bee n t e ste d t o sa ve u s ov er 5% i n raw material consumption, while syst emat ically ut ilizing o u r re mna nt ma te ria l s and increasing our overall production throughput. On top of these, we've found Plataine's novel approach to end-to-end automation as a key enabler of improved process visibility and quality control."Beni Manes, Deputy General Manager, Director of Operations Aero-Assemblies Division, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)GET A FULL VIEW INTO ALL YOUR DATATeamQualityPro is a real-time integrated platform designed to evaluate the entire ecosystem of Application development with drill down investigation into specific team activity. The dashboards present on demand information to make informed assessments from any location at any time. Sign Up for a free demo today www.teamqualitypro.comTeamQualityProSEE EVERYTHINGProject Progress Team Analysis Top 10 Best / Worst Cost Measurement Defects / TestingReal time reportingInstantaneous data gatheringObjective, vetted dataComprehensive dataData that mirrors your processData that is always currentYES TO:TAKE THE FIRST STEP IN SAYING:NO TO: Ad-hoc reporting Data warehouse projects Subjective data Missing data Not aligned data Wrong time frame dataInhouse/Offshore contractsDefectsTest phasesSoftware DevelopmentReportsPayroll/ContractsAll projectsNotifications
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