| | July 20148CIOReviewThe trends in the wireless industry are all centered on analytics nowadays. The whole area of retrieving information from devices, people and from various assets like mobile from the end points have been very useful lately to solve real world problems. With the Internet of things creating a significant impact in the industry in terms of machine to machine communication and data transfer over networks with many devices which can potentially retrieve information, all these are shaping up to be the evolving trends in the wireless industry. In terms of machine to machine communication, there are certain key components which keep you informed as they monitor your behavior irrespective of your location. A wrist watch, the latest release from Samsung which also acts as a smart device, displaying key but detailed information about your health, would be a suitable example which simplifies your lifestyle whether it is installed in a system or as a wearable device. As Apple decided to launch its iPhone years back, the volume with which it drove the evolution and economies of scale of key components which are today applicable on a larger scale in drawing analytics on devices and people, has been beyond imagination. The evolution of the smart phone has played a major role in this analytical revolution. Some of the key components in the smart phone have been in need in retrieving information from various devices and applications, and all these have emerged as that significant trend in the industry that will continue to evolve in the near future. Key Ingredients of a Successful Business If one possesses a huge capital or is awaiting a great market opportunity, but without the right people in it to work with, the possibility is far even to devise a business strategy. From an investors' standpoint one has to look around in having the right people considering the individual skill sets and the right network of people surrounding in order to have a secure start. Another challenge to face is the theoretical risk of raising capital. Irrespective of your credibility in the venture, you still have to articulate that opportunity to win the confidence of the investment community amidst many other entrepreneurs with diverse ideas. Having the right partner benefits too, having a team which has relationships with companies and with strategic partners is very critical from a business perspective considering the chances of an individual's success as compared to a group of partners with various ideas. (As told to Derek Patrick)The annual transaction value of online, mobile and contactless pay-ments would be worth $4.7 trillion through 2019, a prominent in-crease from the 2014 rate of just about $2.5 trillion.Source: JuniperCEO SpotlightRetrieving Information and the IoT evolved more in Wireless IndustryIGen Network is a provider of cloud based services through machine to machine device technologies for the protection and management of mobile assets and commercial fleets. Founded in 2006, based in Alexandria, Virginia, the company has a market cap of $3.75 million. Neil G. Chan, CEO, IGen Networks
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