| | July 20146CIOReviewOpinionSocial Media Wouldn't Address All the Issues in Business CommunicationIt is an undisputed fact that the prevalent ways of business communication are broken. There is no agreement on the respective solutions for improvement. Though `Email Overload' is a common explanation, it describes only part of the problem. Most of us receive far too many emails, and it gets worst in case of larger organizations. Adding to the complexity is the realty that several new products promising more efficient communication end-up exacerbating the problem. Such solutions end up fragmenting company knowledge across a wide range of different services starting from tech start-ups with a limited grasp of how business communication differs from consumer communication. The Redwood City, CA based BroadVision (NASDAQ: BVSN) is a software vendor of self-service web applications for enterprise social software, electronic commerce, Enterprise Portals, and CRM. The firm has a market cap of $47.28 millionDr. Pehong Chen, President & CEO, BroadVision Inc
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