| |July 20143CIOReviewCoverStoryInnovation is Not a Top Down Initiative of the CIOJohn Trainor, CIO, Aarons' Inc.Today's Entrepreneurs Face an Overload of TechnologyScott Alcott, CIO & SVP, Comcast CableInnovation, a Winnowing Process that separates the Impractical from the PossibleTimothy C. McCabe, SVP & CIO, Delphi Automotive PLCHealthcare is a Nexus Be-tween High Technology and High TouchCraig D. Richardville, SVP & CIO, Carolinas Healthcare SystemThe Biggest Challenge is to Understand the PrioritiesJoel Dolisy, CIO & SVP, SolarWindsBots Can't Buy Your T-Shirts Or ERP SystemsAri Jacoby, CEO, Solve MediaRevolution over Evolution in the Technology SectorShimon Alon, CEO & Chairman, AttunityRise above security apprehensions to harness cloud completelyAlan Perkins, CTO, RackSpaceWinning Strategies Against the CompetitionChris Kohlhardt, CEO & Co-founder, GliffyBig Data: The Next Inflection Point in Business AnalyticsDoron Aspitz, CEO, VerixData as Currency -- Or Why Your Balance Sheet Needs Another RowHiginio O. Maycotte, CEO & Founder, UmbelCIO InsIghtsCEO VIEwPOIntCXO VIEwPOIntCEO sPOtlIghtContentsopinionDr. Pehong Chen, President & CEO, BroadVision Inc06Retrieving Information and the IoT evolved more in Wireless Industry Neil G. Chan, CEO, IGen NetworksMobility is the Future:Driving TrendJieming Zhu, CEO & Co-Founder, AlephCloud SystemsInvestment Efficiency Should Be the Priority for EntrepreneursRadoslav Danilak, CEO & Co-Founder, Skyera Inc.Page12Page22-35Greg Schmidt, CEO, IntraMartIntraMart: Changing the Paradigm of Business IntelligenceGigeNETAmeen Pishdadi, Founder18Xena NetworksJacob Nielsen, CEO34Maxeler TechnologiesOskar Mencer, CEO20Glue NetworksJeff Gray Co-founder & CEO28ConteXtream:Nachman Shelef26Apposite TechnologiesDc Palter, President26NetsocketFletcher Hamilton, CEO 28PlexxiDavid Husak, CEO & Founder32Pluribus NetworksKumar srikantan, President & CEO32ViptelaAmir Khan, CEO & Co-Founder 34080910403830Hybrid Cloud Shifts Towards Innovative ServicesBrian Stevens, Executive Vice President & CTO, Redhat36Interoperability - A Distin-guished Factor Gaining Infra-structure in the Healthcare ITKeith W. Kelly, Director of Innovation & Strategy, Indiana Health Information Exchange33414244CIONetworking20 Most Promising Networking Companies
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