| | December 20142CIOReviewWhat if your back-end systems could talk to your customers?www.ifactorconsulting.com · info@ifactorconsulting.com · 800.631.9839Smart Communications for Today's CustomerTMWith today's digital technologies, customers have access to more information than ever before, and the demand for frequent communications and self-serve options from utility companies has never been higher.iFactor's self-service solutions empower your customers to view and report power outages, request proactive alerts about billing, outages, and energy usage, and manage their accounts right from the web or their mobile devices ­ all while improving customer satisfaction.Request a demo today to let iFactor show you how we can integrate mobile and web channels with your systems to create consistent, automated messages for your customers.Utility CustomerSolutions· Interactive Outage Maps· Outage Reporting and Status Updates· Real-Time Alerts· Customer Preference Management· Mobile Billing and Payments· Energy Usage Analysis
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